In-depth wine and cheese pairing guide

In-depth wine and cheese pairing guide
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July 24, 2018
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Create a decadent cheese and wine experience at home! Our Cheese and wine guide allows you to produce an exceptional cheese and wine experience for your guests.
  • 4 ozs Goat Milk Brie
  • 4 ozs Lamb Chopper
  • 4 ozs P'tit Basque
  • 4 ozs Comte Reserve
  • 4 ozs Beemster Aged Gouda



Our dedicated Estate Sommelier team has worked closely with local cheese purveyors and international cheese mongers to create an ever changing list of cheese and wine pairings for our guests to experience. Taking cues from the concepts of complimentary and congruent parings, they have developed pairings that work with the unique flavor and structural profile of each of our wines selected for that day’s flight.

Please enjoy a little behind the scenes details on why these specific cheeses work with our wines. For those who would like to create these pairings at home, we’ve included “reasons to believe” to inspire the palette. If you would like to delve deeper in this delicious crossroads of flavors please check out this in-depth article on the subject by Meg Maker of Terrior Review Pairing Wine and Cheese Made Easy




Reason to believe

Connecting bright acid levels in our winemaking philosophy as well as picking decisions, the acid in the goat’s milk cheese compliments the wine perfectly. ALTERNATIVE:  Try a fresh chèvre instead.

Nutty and intense, this creamy cheese is used to show the fullness of Westside Farms as a result of climatic influences in the vineyard and the effect of lactones in barrel aging. ALTERNATIVEGruyère will also pair nicely with this wine.

Semi soft cheese from the Basque region of Spain showcases salinity which mirrors the savory quality of Bien Nacido from heavy marine influence. ALTERNAITVE: The herbaceous Humboldt Fog will highlight the wine in the same way.

A DOP cheese from Eastern France, it is a traditional accompaniment to Burgundian wines, and it highlights the integrated tannins of Gaps Crown. ALTERNATIVE: A sheep's milk Manchego cheese will be a good substitute.

The crystalline paste and developed flavor profile of the cheese mirrors that of Toboni and brings forth structural and flavor elements. ALTERNATIVE: An Italian Parmigiano Reggiano is an excellent replacement.